Kenn Kakes

When I was 5 years old my mum began to teach me how to make cakes and my love for baking grew from then onwards. Sometimes I use the same Kenwood mixer, which must be 50 years old, for making the chocolate brownies.

About 10 years ago, I suffered with terrible food intolerances and became much more aware of the ingredients in various foods. Consequently, we make all of our own meals from scratch, in order to have control over the ingredients they contain.

Some years later, I began working in the kitchen at The Turf who always use high quality ingredients to ensure great flavours. I began making some of the cakes which lead to Teign Bean asking if I could make cakes for them. The following year this developed into a full time job!

My experiences have led me to using as few and pure ingredients as possible and I believe this is reflected in the quality and taste of the bakes. I particularly use much less sugar (which is often used as a preservative in mass manufactured products) than is recommended in most of my recipes and I believe this enables the flavour of the other ingredients in the bakes to sing.

I hope you enjoy my baking!

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